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Music & Bike Fest
April 11-14, 2024

Tallahassee, Florida | FREE to the public
Venue Headquarters: Apalachee Regional Park

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Get to know us!

Dedicated to All riders

As one of the only cities in Florida with rolling hills and canopy roads, our festival is perfect for bikers seeking an extra thrilling and unique biking experience you can't find anywhere else in the sunshine state. Plus we are close to the beaches! So best of both worlds!

OUR MISSION is to offer an exciting environment to new riders, experienced riders, and their families.

TBF is a black-woman and veteran-owned and operated organization. We take pride in putting on a motorcycle rally with a purpose that benefits local charities in the Tallahassee area. In 2022 and 2023, our rally will helped donate to Team Guardian, a veteran nonprofit group.

Ride on and ride safe.

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An over the shoulder shot of one rider, overlooking a second rider.
Local rides and REGIONAL destinations

Mapped Rides

What's a rally without great rides?

There's over 20 hours and 730 miles of riding mapped out.

Download GPX Files for mapped rides

If you have REVER:

You can download the app and log into REVER. JOIN the Tallahassee Bike Fest community on the app for access to the mapped rides. You get access to view directions for ONE mapped ride for free. After that you can sign up for a two-week free trial and view the routes and directions while at the festival.

An over the shoulder shot of one rider, overlooking a second rider.
It's about community

2022 & 2023 non-profit recipient!

We take pride in putting on a motorcycle rally with a purpose that benefits local charities in the Tallahassee area. This year our rally will help us donate to Team Guardian, a veteran nonprofit group.

Started by Mike Terhune, a retired Fire Lieutenant Paramedic, and retired Chief Hospital Corpsman, Team Guardian Inc. exists to assist Veterans and First Responders with immediate needs. From getting available resources to transporting the deceased in Team Guardian's Dignified Transport Unit. They are also constructing a memorial to 9/11 with a steel beam from the South Tower of the world trade center.‍


Experience at our Rally

Canopy roads

Very seldom do you find a city in Florida with canopy road sceneries.

Women riders

We are working hard to provide vendors and activities for women.

Family friendly

Want to include the kiddos and make this a family trip? We have activities for kids.

All Bikes

Whatever you ride, we don't care. All bikes are welcome!


Frequently Asked

What does it cost to attend the rally?

There is no cost to attend Tallahassee Bike Festival Vendor Areas and the main stage. A few items require passes and/or tickets: VIP Package, Poker Runs, Bike Show Entry, etc.

What information can you give me about places to stay during the rally?

Please reference the Lodging section above for information on hotels, motels, RV parks, and campgrounds. Please note we do not endorse any of the lodging recommendations.

If I can’t come for the whole weekend, when is the best time to be there?

The best time to enjoy the Rally is really a personal choice. We have events and rides planned for all three days. We usually tell people to make their decisions based on which events they want to participate in. The full schedule of events is updated regularly and can be found on our website.

What’s the weather like in Florida in April?

With the highs hovering around 80, cool nights, and clear skies, April is a perfect time to visit Tallahassee.

Why host a rally in Tallahassee?

Not only will we have lots of events and entertainment during the festival, but Tallahassee has a lot to explore. Upon entry into "Tally," its popular nickname, you'll feel as though you're no longer in Florida but rather somewhere up north. This is perhaps one of its many unique appeals to this city. Traditional Florida is often characterized by sandy shores, palm tree-lined streets, and warm winters. In Tallahassee, you can enjoy an utterly alternative scenery while also reaping the benefits of living within close proximity of those classic Floridian attributes. Of course, you'd be within one hour of the beach, but there are lots of bodies of water around also. In addition to its unbeatable natural beauty and southern charm, Tallahassee is the perfect place to enjoy the many natural parks, trails, and reserves scattered across Tallahassee, such as Tom Brown Park, Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, Alfred B. Maclay Gardens, and St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail, to name a few. In addition, the downtown scene offers a plethora of excellent places to eat, seasonal farmer's markets, and other events surrounding holidays throughout the year. We have a more detailed list on our website to explore Tally!