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Tallahassee has a lot to explore. Upon entry into "Tally," its popular nickname, you'll feel as though you're no longer in Florida but rather somewhere up north. Traditional Florida is often characterized by sandy shores, palm tree-lined streets, and warm winters. In Tallahassee, you can enjoy an utterly alternative scenery. It's the perfect place to enjoy the many natural parks, trails, and reserves scattered across the area. In addition, the downtown scene offers a plethora of excellent places to eat, seasonal farmer's markets, and other events surrounding holidays throughout the year. Check out our more detailed list below!

Things to do in Tallahassee

Local breweries
Deep Brewing, Oyster City, Ology and Proof are the most popular ones.

Fish Camp at Lake Lamonia
Popular spot for riders right on the Lake.

Restaurants & Bars
Tallahassee is known for it’s local mom and pop restaurants. You can’t go wrong with a locally-owned restaurant around here.

Tallahassee Automobile Museum
Calling all antique car aficionados and purchasers alike to the Tallahassee Automobile Museum, a garage of dozens of cool vehicles and collectibles to gander at.

Tallahassee Museum
Includes Tree to Tree Adventure zip lining, animals, and exhibits.

Capitol Building Tour

Mission San Luis
A visit to Mission San Luis transports you to year 1703. Your destination is a community where Apalachee Indians and newcomers from Spain lived together. Hear the ring of the blacksmith's hammer, smell traditional foods being cooked over an open fire, and walk the plaza where the Apalachees played their traditional ball games. Experience the largest historic-period Indian building found in the Southeast and greet the friar at the church. Learn about a soldier's life at the fort, and explore 300-year-old artifacts excavated onsite. Or just enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting with a picnic lunch or nature walk.

Lots and lots of hiking! See where all the trails are here. Tons of parks with walking trails, bodies of water, and scenery.Want to Kayak? Find lakes and rivers here.

Coffee lovers
Try Lucky Goat or Paper Fox Coffee. You won’t be sorry.

College Town
Tallahassee has four main colleges in the city, and College Town has lots of shops, bars, and restaurants if you want to explore.

Cigar Lounge
Located in the Midtown area, Fuma Cigar Social is a Rocky Patel sponsored lounge. Sit back, relax and enjoy a fine cigar and a beer, wine or Cuban coffee.

Railroad Square Art District
Make sure to check out all the amazing shops in the art district!

Things to do in
the surrounding area

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
Home to the St. Marks Lighthouse, this refuge located only 25 miles from Tallahassee includes salt marshes, freshwater pools, and salt marshes for a day of trekking outside in the wilderness. Rich with history and other natural charms, this refuge makes for quite the ideal day trip.

Wakulla Springs
Wakulla Springs State Park is home to the world's largest and deepest freshwater spring, as well as more than 80 sinkholes and an abundance of history. Come here ready for adventure, because there are endless activities: swimming, bird watching, hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding, guided river boat tours, and more!

Alligator Point, Shell Point, or St. George Island
Tallahassee might appear woodsy and land-locked, because well, it is! However, there are coastal beaches located from forty minutes to an hour and a half of the city! Get your ocean fix and pay a visit to either Alligator Point or St. George Island, both of which offer extraordinary beaches along the Gulf of Mexico with a small surrounding beach town.

Bear Paw Adventures and the Chipola River
Located in Marianna Florida, the Chipola River is an ideal "lazy day" escape. Bring or rent out tubes to relax on the flowing lazy river, enjoying the refreshing water and sun on your skin as you gently flow downstream. And when you're all done, enjoy a nice meal at the nearby Riverfront Grill for a bite to eat on the way out.

Providence Canyon
Located in the tiny town of Lumpkin, Georgia, Providence Canyon State Park is the perfect daytime getaway for you and your family. Located approximately two and a half hours from Tallahassee, Providence Canyon's enormous property of canyons and clay makes for an exhilarating few hours of hiking, complete with marked trails, outstanding photo ops, and numerous spots to set up a picnic.