Friday & Saturday
Registration Starts at 11am. Show starts at 3pm
More info below. 
April 12 & 13

Audio Competition Schedule

Friday & Saturday

Sound Competition presented by: Red Beard Audio

Date: Friday & Saturday, April 12 & 13, 2024

Time: Registration starts at 11 am, Show starts at 3 pm

Classes & Rules for Sound Show:
Novice: 2 or 4 speakers in stock locations. Nothingbigger than a 6x9. No bag speakers, lid speakers are ok. 

Flyweight: 4 speakers are less, nothing bigger than an 8’’ mid, no sealed off bagsor enclosures ports allowed. No subs. Retained stock size, lids and bags.  

Featherweight: 9.25" bags width max, 6 speakers or less.Nothing bigger than a 2-10" mid base. No sealed bags or enclosures sportsare allowed. No subs retain stock lids.  

Lightweight: 9.25" bags width max, 8 speakers or less,2-10" mid-base Max, seal bags are allowed, Ported bags are allowed, nosubs, Retain stock lids.  

Welterweight: 9.25" bags width max, 10 speakers or less2-10" subs, or 4-8" subs Max, Tour pack restricted to 2-8" mid,or 4 - 6.5" mid Max. No 10’’-tour pack allowed. Retaining stock size lids. 

Middleweight: 9.25" bags width max, 14 speakers orless, 2-8" per bag, 1-10" per bag, 1-12" per bag max tour pack2-10" mid Max

HEAVYWEIGHT: 10.5" bag width max, 18 speakers or less,3 - subs per bag, 2-10" subs per bag, 2-12" subs per bag, no tourpack or lid restrictions 


Entry Fees:
$30 to enter with first and second-place trophies per class.

Trophies for 1st and 2nd place in each class

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